Fitting Deltron BFA Plugs


Fitting Deltron BFA Plugs Hi-Fi manufacturers such as Arcam, Linn and Cyrus designed some of their amplifiers to accept BFA plugs or Camcon connectors rather than the conventional 4mm banana plug. BFA plugs are insulated, shrouded by a plastic jacket to prevent any chance of accidentally short-circuiting your amp’s speaker outputs. Fitting Deltron BFA plugs […]

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Why buy from an Authorised QED Dealer?

Why buy from an Authorised QED Dealer? Buying from an authorised QED dealer ensures that you get genuine products and quality service. QED stands for quality and excellent service, evident by the numerous awards won and thrilled customers enjoying their investment in QED cables and products. QED’s commitment to outstanding service is reinforced by their […]

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QED Supremus was launched May 2017 as the ultimate speaker cable, by far the best cable ever produced by QED in over 40 years. Compass Audio is proud to offer our customers Supremus, described as “the ultimate expression of sound borne from pure science”. Supremus was developed without compromise, with over 20 years’ research and development […]

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Are cables important?

QED RUBY Anniversary Evolution Speaker Cable Airlocs

Are cables important? Cables are an essential component of any music or home cinema system. They establish the relationship between audio components, amplifiers and loudspeakers. QED has been conducting extensive research on cables and in particular, speaker cable. The results of their early research can be seen in the Genesis Report, published 1995. One aspect […]

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Sound of Science

QED The Sound of Science

Sound of Science   QED has won more prestigious cable awards from   ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision’ magazine than any other brand  est 1973 In 1973 Bob Abraham and Ian Vine founded QED Audio Products and changed the way people think about hi-fi cables. QED 79 Strand speaker cable was launched in 1978 and I […]

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