Fitting Deltron BFA Plugs


Fitting Deltron BFA Plugs

Hi-Fi manufacturers such as Arcam, Linn and Cyrus designed some of their amplifiers to accept BFA plugs or Camcon connectors rather than the conventional 4mm banana plug. BFA plugs are insulated, shrouded by a plastic jacket to prevent any chance of accidentally short-circuiting your amp’s speaker outputs.

Fitting Deltron BFA plugs to your speaker cable is straightforward and requires some self-assembly:

  1. Firstly, bare your speaker cables by about 10mm,
  2. Remove centre of coloured end caps supplied (red and black) by popping out the centre disc,
  3. Fit end cap over speaker cable (red for positive and black for negative polarity),
  4. Remove grub screw from inside gold-plated metal section (small flat blade screwdriver needed),
  5. Insert bare wire into end of metal section and tighten grub screw onto wires through middle of 3 holes found to the side,
  6. Slide grey plastic moulding of BFA plug over gold-plated component and fit coloured end cap to click into place onto grey moulding.

Alternatively, BFA plugs can be fitted with cable at right angles to your cable. If this configuration is preferred, then you do not need to make a hole in the red/black end cap. Instead, cut approx half of the tongue of each end cap and unscrew the grub screw a few turns. The bared wire can then be inserted into the middle hole of the gold plated component and firmly clamped by the grub screw. The grey moulding and coloured end cap are then fitted into place as above.

Please note that not all amplifiers made by Arcam, Linn and Cyrus come fitted with BFA style speaker output sockets. Please check your owners manual or contact us if in doubt.

Your can order DELTRON BFA AMP SPEAKER PLUGS Arcam Linn Cyrus here.