Audio Origami Turntable BEARING OIL KIT


Audio Origami Turntable BEARING OIL, Alignment PROTRACTOR & STROBE KIT

”Bass lines seemed more positive, being tighter and better controlled…..
Rhythms seemed to have been let loose to really flow with precision and all-in-all I could not help but feel this was one of the most striking upgrades I had made for a good while.”
Hi-Fi World Magazine March 2009


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Audio Origami Turntable BEARING OIL KIT

Audio Origami Turntable BEARING OIL KITAudio Origami Turntable BEARING OIL KIT provides a means of improving the sonic performance of most turntables at a very modest cost.

The kit includes PTFE loaded synthetic oil, cleaning pads and the tools to replace your old oil with the minimum of fuss.

Anti-Wear Additive: anti-friction protection gives a quieter running bearing with less vibration, less slip even on worn bearings.

Synthetic Oil: works with standard bearings and inverted type turntable bearings.

Booster oil has PTFE added particles with the lowest coefficient of static and dynamic friction of any solid. Oil received a rating of 0.02, the equivalent of wet ice on wet ice – covers bearing surfaces and contact points with slippery coating.

Booster Oil Kit includes:

  • Oil supplied in 1.8 ml containers (2) just the correct amount for most bearings.
  • Extra long bearing cleaning pad to clean out bearing dirt and grime.
  • Lint free cloth for polishing bearing shafts and cleaning out bearing housing; absorbs oil extremely well.
  • Oil remover sucker tool to get your old oil out of bearings
  • Cartridge Alignment Protractor
  • Strobe Disc for accurate set-up of your turntable.

This has got to be one of the easiest alignment protractors available! 
Just line up the stylus on the centre line and check the cartridge runs parallel to the horizontal lines.

Please use in accordance with turntable manufacturer’s instructions as all responsibility lies with the customer.

Full protractor usage and main bearing oil replacement instructions included.

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