BFA Banana Plugs Beryllium Copper Gold Plated Z-type


BFA Banana Plugs Beryllium Copper Gold Plated Z-type

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BFA Banana Plugs Beryllium Copper Gold Plated Z-type

Hollow Z-type Beryllium 4mm BANANA PLUGS

BFA Banana Plugs Beryllium Copper Gold Plated Z-type Connectors are designed to fit standard 4mm as well as BFA-type sockets found on many amplifiers such as certain models from Arcam, Linn and Cyrus.

Beryllium copper has mechanical properties similar to high tensile strength steels, but with better corrosion resistance and higher electrical conductivity. It is also non-magnetic and resistant to fatigue making the beryllium copper z-type banana plugs ideal for speaker cable connectors where consistency of optimum performance is achieved.

BFA Banana Plugs Beryllium Copper Gold Plated Z-type connectors on offer are brand new and manufactured to the highest standards, often used in professional installations.

Installation of these speaker plugs requires soldering to give optimum sonic performance.

The plugs can be piggy-backed with other 4mm plugs and fit cable up to 4mm in diameter.

Heatshrink red and black, perfect for use with these connectors – optional supplied with plugs.

Heatshrink also available in longer lengths. Please ask when placing your order.







  • Diameter cable max. 4.0mm
  • Connector type 4mm banana plug
  • Gold-plated beryllium copper construction
  • High conductivity and excellent mechanical properties
  • Low mass, tough & versatile
  • Soldering required
  • Outstanding performance
  • External length 30mm

Heatshrink Specifications

  • Size: 6.4mm or 1/4″
  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Material: Polyolefin
  • Temp rating: 125 °C
  • Voltage rating: 600V

Please note – beryllium copper connectors should not be crimped due to their brittle nature under high pressure.

Although beryllium copper is very strong and hard, lightweight, resistant to corrosion, highly conductive and non-magnetic, it is brittle. Therefore, soldering the z-type banana plugs to speaker cable is recommended.

Key Properties of Beryllium Copper

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Non-sparking and non-magnetic characteristics.
  • High ductility and excellent formability with regards to forming, machining, and metalworking processes.
  • Higher resistance to corrosion and oxidation than steel.

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