GOLD 4mm BANANA PLUGS Twin Screw Audio Connectors


Gold 4mm BANANA PLUGS with TWIN SCREW Audio Connectors

Premium quality twin-screw 4mm gold-plated banana plugs, designed for systems requiring high quality cable terminations, but without the necessity to solder. The plugs are easy to fit and ideal for use with the best available audio separates and loudspeakers.

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Gold 4mm BANANA PLUGS TWIN SCREW Audio Connectors

GOLD 4mm BANANA PLUGS Twin Screw Audio ConnectorsGOLD 4mm BANANA PLUGS Twin Screw Audio Connectors fit standard 4mm amplifier and speaker sockets found on most high-end audio separates, these premium banana plugs are constructed from a gold plated metal conductor with lantern pin section.

Termination of speaker cable is facilitated using twin screw fixing for easy assembly. The twin screw cable termination ensures a consistently high level of performance and connectivity.

Red and black covers are fitted after the cable has been terminated for convenience.

Installation of the premium 4mm twin screw banana plugs does not require soldering as the speaker cable can be firmly clamped into place with the dual screw fitting.

We also sell silver-plated banana plugs of the same design as well as other high quality GOLD 4mm BANANA PLUGS Solder Screw Connectors.


  • Diameter cable max. 3.5mm
  • Connector type 4mm plug
  • External length 40mm (48mm inc cover)
  • Gold-Plated contact material for consistently excellent conductivity
  • Excellent performance with no deterioration
  • Robust & versatile, easy to install
  • Twin Screw Fixing

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