Goldring 2100 Cartridge


The dynamic sounding Goldring 2100 cartridge has an elliptical diamond stylus producing high frequency clarity and quality of sound.




Goldring 2100 Cartridge

Goldring 2100 Cartridge

Goldring 2100 cartridge is a dynamic sounding cartridge with an elliptical diamond stylus producing high frequency clarity and quality sound. The 2100 can be used to upgrade many budget turntables.

Goldring 2000 series cartridges feature Moving Iron technology.

As a result, Goldring 2000 series cartridges have high levels of detail associated with more expensive moving coil designs whilst retaining the convenience of a replaceable stylus.

Another advantage to owning a Goldring 2000 series cartridge is its high output associated with moving magnet types.

The cartridge features a fixed samarium cobolt magnet and high output coil combination so that a very light iron/nickel cantilever end-piece can be used instead of the much heavier permanent magnet used in conventional designs. This reduces the moving mass allowing the stylus to trace the record groove more faithfully.

Because of their relatively high output, Goldring 2000 series cartridges should be used with the standard moving magnet phono input of an amplifier.



Transducer Characteristics

  • Frequency response : 20Hz – 22kHz +/-3dB
  • Channel balance : 1dB max. at 1kHz
  • Channel separation : 25dB min. at 1kHz
  • Stylus radius : Vital fine line
  • Stylus type : Non-replaceable

Electrical Characteristics

  • Internal resistance : 7ohms

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Cartridge weight : 8g
  • Fixing centres : 0.5in (12.7mm)
  • Playing weight : 1.5g – 2.Og (1.75g nom)


  • Available in 12 different heights
  • Full range of accessories to cover most eventualities
  • Custom made fascia plates to fit most equipment available to order
  • Flat-pack for easy storage and transportation
  • Durable epoxy powder coat finish
  • Manufactured in the UK to BS standards (BS5495 and IEC297)

Additional information

Weight1000 g