Grado Prestige Green1 Moving Iron Cartridge

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Grado Prestige Green1 Moving Iron Cartridge uses a three piece OTL cantilever and Grado specific elliptical diamond stylus for ideal transfer of signal from record to cartridge. The Grado cartridge will make your records sound quieter with improved soundstage and more detail.

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Grado Prestige Green1 Moving Iron Cartridge

Grado Prestige Green1 Cartridge

Grado Prestige Green1 moving iron cartridge uses a three piece OTL cantilever, oxygen free copper wire in the coils and Grado’s specially designed elliptical diamond mounted on a brass bushing. The Green model is selected from the Black production run with higher test specifications. Approximately 15% of the production run meet these standards and become Green models.

Grado Prestige Green1 Moving Iron Cartridge uses a moving-iron design in which an iron element is mounted on the end of the cantilever. As the cantilever and iron element move, the motion creates changes in the magnetic field around fixed magnets and the coil, which induces voltage changes in the coil. The lighter weight of the Prestige Green compared to a conventional moving-magnet design provides a clearly audible advantage in audio quality.

Grado’s OTL technology provides an ideal transfer of the signal from the surface of the record to generator system. This technology rejects unwanted resonances and lowers distortion preserving the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of the music.

As a result, Grado’s OTL stylus/cantilever design will make your records sound quieter, improve the soundstage, as well as offer more detail than previously obtainable.

Grado Prestige Series of cartridges are designed for high output and excellent stability under severe use.


  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 50kHz
  • Principal: Moving Iron (treat as Moving Magnet)
  • Channel Separation 30dB (1kHz)
  • Input Load: 47K
  • Output: 5mV (1kHz, 5cm/s)
  • Recommended Tracking Force: 1.5g
  • Stylus Type: Elliptical
  • Inductance: 45mH (1kHz)
  • Resistance: 475 Ohms
  • Compliance: 20 CUs (mm/N)
  • Stylus Replacement: User
  • Mounting: Standard
  • Weight: 5.5g

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