Grado SR60e Prestige Series Headphones

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Grado SR60e Prestige Series Headphones

“The Grado SR60e are some of the best sounding sub-£150 headphones”

Trusted Reviews Recommended, August 2014

“Hugely accomplished sound in all respects”

What HiFi? 5star, April 2009



Grado SR60e Prestige Series Headphones

Grado SR60e Prestige Series headphones are an improvement on Grado’s legendary and world renowned SR60 headphones.

In creating the Prestige E Series, Grado revisited every single component in their headphones. Each component, surface and material was optimised and upgraded to achieve unparalleled dynamics and sonic fidelity.

Grado SR60e Prestige Series headphonesOn the Grado SR60e, that meant fine-tuning the magnetic field by changing the structure of the magnetic motor, ensuring greater symmetry in the movement of the voice coil and further refinements within the housing of the headphone to prevent stray resonance from interacting with the driver. Even tiny details like the glue have been changed, now optimised for greater strength, reliability and weight.

Grado SR60e headphones deliver outstanding sonic performance at the price and its dynamic, open, smooth and detailed sound is one you’ll fall in love with instantly.

Grado SR60e headphones come with a 1/4 jack, which means that it can be plugged in to any modern hi-fi system and an included 3.5mm mini-jack adapter means they’re equally comfortable on the go.

Grado SR60e Prestige Series headphones will produce a sound that is pure Grado with warm harmonic colours, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra-smooth top end.



  • Transducer type: Dynamic
  • Operating principle: Open air
  • SPL 1mW: 99.8dB
  • Driver matched: .1dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz 20KHz
  • Impedence: 32 Ohms
  • Jack size: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Vented diaphragm
  • Non resonant air chamber
  • Standard copper voice coil wire

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Weight9900 g
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