Headshell Spirit Level


Headshell Spirit Level

Ideal for setting up Turntable & Tonearm


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Headshell Spirit Level

Headshell Spirit LevelHeadshell Spirit Level on offer is 12mm diameter, 7mm deep, the larger of the two shown in the photo.

It’s so small and light, approx 0.5g in weight, that it can placed on top of a headshell as well as on any turntable platter or chassis to ensure perfect set-up.

The very light bubble spirit level can sit on the headshell of your tonearm, as shown while tracking to allow careful set-up. It is then removed for normal playback.

Only 12mm in diameter and 0.5g in weight means that the spirit level can be used to accurately check azimuth and VTA.

The spirit level is ideal for setting up azimuth and VTF.

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Weight 150 g