Heatshrink 9.5mm Insulating Rubber Tubing


Heatshrink 9.5mm Insulating Rubber Tubing

Ideal for insulating audio connectors such as banana plugs and spade terminals, available in various colours and lengths to order.

Please choose colour and length required.

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Heatshrink 9.5mm Insulating Rubber Tubing

Heatshrink 9.5mm Insulating Rubber Tubing is supplied in various lengths and colours to order.

The shrinkable rubber tubing is 9.5mm diameter with a shrink ratio of 2:1 and listed in red and black. Heatshrink is commonly used for sealing cable terminations and facilitating identification of polarity at the same time.

Heatshrink is also available in a 180-piece kit of various colours (typically red, black, blue, white and yellow) and short lengths.

Heatshrink 9.5mm Insulating Rubber Tubing provides good electrical insulation, protection from dust, solvents and other foreign materials, and mechanical strain relief. When shrunk, the sleeving is mechanically held in place by its tight fit.

Heatshrink 6.4mm Insulating Rubber Tubing electrical sleeving is available.

The heatshrink material is polyolefin which is both flexible and fast shrinking.


  • Size: 9.5mm or 3/8″
  • Shrink ratio: 2:1
  • Material: Polyolefin
  • Temp rating: 125 °C
  • Voltage rating: 600V

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