Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun Device


Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun Device for Vinyl Records

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Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun Device

Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun Device reduces static on insulating surfaces such as LP vinyl records, CD’s and DVD’s,

Zerostat 3 works by producing negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on an object’s surface, effectively neutralizing them.

Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun DeviceThe Zerostat 3 anti static gun device will produce dramatic static reduction over many hours and unlike certain antistatic sprays, the Zerostat 3 will not leave any polymer resides behind on the record surface. Zerostat 3 is equally effective in the removal of dust from plastic dust covers.

Use of the Zerostat 3 before playing records will often eliminate or at least greatly reduce the “snap, crackle, and pop” from electronic discharge of the surface charge buildup that can occur.

Not surprisingly, the Zerostat 3 is highly rated for its ability to improve the sound quality of records and CDs by removing static.

How it Works

Zerostat 3 has a “two cycle” type of operation – when the trigger is gently squeezed, positive ions are generated and when the trigger is released, negative ions flow. This means that it’s possible to induce a charge on a neutral surface using the Zerostat or eliminate a charge altogether by repeating the process a few times over a charged surface. The flood of positive and negative ions will quickly neutralise any static charge originally present.


  • Zerostat 3 is constructed of durable hard plastic material
  • Built to last and good for at least 50,000 trigger operations
  • Requires no power supply, batteries, or refills of any kind
  • Includes a special ion-indicator which shows you that it is working
  • Just plug the indicator into the end of the ‘pistol,’ squeeze the handle and a small neon tube will gently glow red
  • Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 16.5 x 2.8 cm
  • Item Weight: 159 g

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