OFC SPEAKER CABLE PRO252 Z-type Plugs Terminated


OFC SPEAKER CABLE High Definition PRO252 Z-type Plugs Terminated

Heavy duty loudspeaker cable of pure copper housed in a figure of 8 transparent insulation fitted with banana plugs.

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OFC SPEAKER CABLE PRO252 Z-type Plugs Terminated

OFC SPEAKER CABLE PRO252 Z-type Plugs Terminated is a heavy duty loudspeaker cable made up of two cores, each with 252 strands of pure copper and fully terminated with hollow z-type banana plugs.

OFC SPEAKER CABLE PRO252 Z-type Plugs TerminatedIdeal for general use in any system as well as in the best hi-fi or home cinema system, this Heavy Duty OFC (oxygen free copper) loudspeaker cable features 2 x 252, total 504 strands of pure copper conductors housed in figure 8 transparent insulation.

Printed ‘ ‘ signs and legend allow for easy polarity identification both ends of the cable.

The cable is particularly suited for installations where high level of performance and power handling is needed and cable lengths are longer than usual.


Termination Z-type plugs

OFC cable is fitted with gold-plated 4mm z-type banana plugs and red/black protective heatshrink as polarity markers.


  • Cable: 2-Core Heavy Duty
  • Insulation: Transparent PVC
  • Strand: 2 x 252 oxygen free copper
  • Conductor size: 7X36/0.12±0.004mm(Bare copper), Ø2.5±0. 1mm
  • Conductor resistance:  ≤7.98Ohm/KM
  • Insulation  resistance:   ≥200M ohm*KM
  • Overall dimensions:  Ø6.0 X 12.0mm ±0.5mm
  • Fully terminated gold-plated Z-type 4mm banana plugs
  • Red/black heatshrink fitted

Additional information

Weight 500 g