QED Reference DIGITAL Audio 40 Cable


QED Reference DIGITAL Audio 40 Cable

QED Reference DIGITAL Audio 40 Cable is the new standard for digital coaxial S/PDIF signals.

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QED Reference DIGITAL Audio 40 Cable

QED Reference DIGITAL Audio 40 Cable is the new standard for digital coaxial S/PDIF signals.

QED Reference Digital Audio 40 cable is carefully engineered to achieve the precise characteristic impedance required for the maximum transfer of S/PDIF signals. Silver plated conductors allow a low resistance path for high frequencies and QED “Digiloc” plugs more closely match the cable’s characteristic  impedance, reducing return loss by up to 1dB when compared to conventional RCA plugs. This ensures optimal signal transfer and improved micro-timing of the audio signal.

75 Ohm Impedence Matched Digiloc™ RCA Plugs

QED Reference Audio 40 RCA PlugThe all new QED Digiloc™ RCA plugs are more closely impedance matched than before and measurements have shown, reduce insertion loss by up to 1.2 dB compared to ordinary RCA plugs.

Triple Layer Electromagnetic Shielding

A dual layer closely woven 99.999% OFC shield braid and aluminium mylar wrap with 100% coverage comprise triple layer electromagnetic shielding of the central signal carrier. This ensures that interference signals induced by nearby high current noise sources do not contribute to any signal jitter. By the same token the shielding prevents unwanted voltage induced interference escaping the cable which might affect nearby analogue signal carriers.

very low jitterUltra Low Jitter
Jitter is the undesired deviation from true periodicity of an assumed periodic signal in electronics and telecommunications, often in relation to a reference clock source.

Through the use of factory controlled geometry and low permittivity foamed polyethylene dielectrics, QED Reference Digital Audio 40 cable ensures correct characteristic impedance resulting in an ultra low jitter signal transfer. Listening tests have shown that this leads to clearly audible sonic improvements.

A cable displaying ultra low jitter has been measured at
typically 30ps.


  • Silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free central copper conductor
  • Extruded foamed Polyethylene (PE) dielectric – for sonic purity and low return loss
  • Double 99.999% OFC braid plus Al/Mylar wrap for 100% electromagnetic screening coverage
  • Twin leaf 24k gold plated QED ‘Digiloc™’ RCA plugs featuring high purity copper contacts, hollow centrepin and low eddy current design
  • 75 ohm coaxial design with closely matched locking plug for reduced return loss

QED Reference DIGITAL Audio 40 Cable connects your DVD Player or Digital TV to your AV Amplifier or Receiver. Also perfect for connections between CD players, Blu-rayTM players or any other S/PDIF source to your DAC or AV amplifier digital input.

QED Reference Digital Audio cable is also available in CUSTOM lengths. Please see QED Reference Digital Audio 40 Custom cable to choose a different length of cable and to place your order.

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