QED Signature Audio 40 analogue audio interconnect celebrates QED’s 40 years at the forefront of British designed audio cables.

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Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended, March 2014



QED Signature AUDIO 40 Phono RCA Cable

QED Signature AUDIO 40 Phono RCA Cable on offer is part of the new award winning QED Audio 40 range, celebrating over 40 years of QED innovation.

QED Signature Audio 40The Audio 40 cable range is an entirely new design concept from QED. The cordage is designed primarily for low capacitance as this has been identified by QED as a significant  factor which leads to a high fidelity experience, making for a tight sound and retaining the rhythm of the original piece.

Add QED’s Complementary Conductor TechnologyTM for high frequency detail and Analoc TechnologyTM to maximise signal integrity and the result is what we feel to be the most innovative interconnect ever made by QED.

QED Signature AUDIO 40 Phono RCA Cable will connect your CD player, DAC or tuner to your amplifier or receiver.

Complementary Conductor Technology

Complementary Conductor Technology

Complementary conductor geometry utilises two conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal, providing an alternative path for high frequency audio which might otherwise become time smeared in a single audio pathway.


Analoc™ Plug Technology

QED ‘Analoc™ RCA plug which features high purity copper signal and ground connections in an insulated low eddy current brass body. The hollow central pin eliminates skin effect in the signal connection and the locking barrel design clamps the dual tombstone ground connection firmly to the RCA sockets.

Teflon Dielectric

Teflon has a low dielectric constant and is used in the QED Signature Audio 40 cable to significantly reduce signal energy loss due to cable capacitance.

Cryogenic Treatment

As a result of extensive listening tests, QED have used deep cryogenic treatment (below -190 °C) to optimise the sonic performance of their Signature Audio 40 RCA cable. Trumpets and other brass instruments, for example, have been found to produce a better tone when heard through QED Signature Audio 40 cable following cryogenic treatment.


  • Silver Plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper(SPOFC) conductors with Teflon dielectric
  • Asymmetrical twisted pair geometry
  • SPOFC shield giving 100% electromagnetic screening
  • Zn/Mn ferrite Jacket
  • Rhodium plated QED ‘Analoc™’ RCA plugs
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Capacitance: 63pF/m
  • Inductance: 0.37uH/m
  • Loop resistance: 0.072 Ω/m
  • Dissipation Factor: 0.0011
  • QED Lifetime Guarantee

The cable on offer is a brand new LATEST VERSION GENUINE QED Signature Audio 40 cable supplied by an authorised QED retailer.

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Weight 2000 g