QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable


QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable

WHF 5star Award

Multi-award winning speaker cable to take your breath away!

Please order quantity of cable required in metres, supplied as a single length.

AVtech AwardsPrice per metre – cable is unterminated (Airloc plugs shown are optional)


QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable

QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable delivers unprecedented sonic performance at a more affordable price when compared with its parent flagship, Genesis Silver Spiral cable.

QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable is a fusion of QED’s high end ‘Genesis’ and ‘X-Tube’ technologies, combining them into a new miniature format and bringing high end cable philosophies into a mid-prices product for the first time. This breakthrough means ‘Revelation’ boasts an overall impedance, and a dissipation factor, significantly below that of a conventional speaker cable with the same cross-sectional area.

QED Revelation Awards

This multi-award winning speaker cable exudes breathtaking neutrality, allowing good hi-fi and home cinema equipment to perform at its very best.

QED Signature Revelation Speaker Cable is an attractively finished cable of standard ‘figure 8’ configuration, with each of its ten 99.999% silver-plated multiple cores visible through a flexible 5.0mm diameter, clear polyethylene outer sheath. For ease of assembly and to ensure correct speaker ‘phasing’, the ‘positive’ cable is clearly marked and the whole is easily stripped into the recommended QED Airloc speaker plugs.

AIRLOC Forte Banana Plugs Recommended

AIRLOC Forte Forte banana plugs with improved pin section and metal covers can be fitted, designed to maximise contact area throughout the wide tolerance range found in 4mm amplifier and speaker sockets. This means that the connection remains uniformly tight and with its premium gold-plating, provides optimum sonic performance through time.

Aircore™ Technology Explained

One of the big problems as cable conductor size increases, is how to keep the inductance low. This is vital to reduce cable losses and prevent inaccuracies in the signal transfer process, i.e. distortion. 
The normal way to do this is to use a number of individually insulated conductors within the cable construction. This method is utilised to great effect in the design of QED’s Genesis Silver Spiral loudspeaker cables.

QED cables above 2.5mm² cross sectional area utilise Aircore™ Technology to obviate the skin effect by bundling several separately insulated smaller cores together to make up a larger cross-sectional area. If these conductors are arranged around a hollow central core of polyethylene the self inductance exhibited by the cable can be reduced to around half that predicted by calculation.


  • Wire gauge – 16 AWG
  • Silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
  • Aircore™ technology
  • Jacket OD – 5.0mm
  • Cross-sectional area – 1.50mm²
  • Loop resistance – 0.020 Ω/m
  • Capacitance – 35pF/m
  • Inductance – 0.52 µH/m
  • Dissipation factor – 0.0009
  • Recommended for high end installations

QED Lifetime Guarantee

QED Revelation speaker cable is also available in different lengths to order and can be fitted with Airloc ABS banana plugs and/or Airloc ABS spades, as well as with Airloc Forte banana plugs or Airloc spade terminals on request (additional charges apply).


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