QED Supremus was launched May 2017 as the ultimate speaker cable, by far the best cable ever produced by QED in over 40 years.

QED Supremus Airlocs

Compass Audio is proud to offer our customers Supremus, described as “the ultimate expression of sound borne from pure science”.

Supremus was developed without compromise, with over 20 years’ research and development by the British cable specialist company, QED.


Technical stuff

QED Supremus InsulationSupremus speaker cable has the largest cross sectional area of pure copper ever manufactured by QED, made up of sixteen silver plated pure copper solid core conductors configured using QED’s proprietary AirCore™ geometry and construction. In addition, each conductor is coated with an ultra thin layer of enamel for perfect insulation.

If that wasn’t enough, the oxygen free copper conductors are cryogenically treated for ultra-low resistance bringing your amplifier and speakers electrically closer together.

What does this mean?

QED Supremus Airloc Banana Plug

The end result, is a speaker cable that rewards the listener with extraordinary high frequency detail, rhythm and timing. With less resistance, your amplifier is also able to control your speakers better for a more musically engaging and true-to-life experience.

Another important design feature is that Supremus comes factory fitted with unique QED  Rhodium plated Airloc banana plugs or spades. The Rhodium plated Airloc banana plugs are also lockable to ensure maximum surface contact between plug and terminal.

Out of the Box

Supremus speaker cable is delivered in a beautiful black box, already fitted with Rhodium Airloc connectors at the factory. A hand signed certificate provides proof of authenticity.

Once connected to your amp and speakers, you immediately hear the difference……..!

At £150 per metre, QED Supremus is certainly a serious investment and naturally comes with QED’s Lifetime Guarantee. Comparing the cost of such an investment with other components in the hi-fi chain, Supremus will prove to be the one that will thrill you far more and for far longer than ever imagined!

Why not have a listen?