Why buy from an Authorised QED Dealer?

Why buy from an Authorised QED Dealer?

QED Authorised RetailerBuying from an authorised QED dealer ensures that you get genuine products and quality service.

QED stands for quality and excellent service, evident by the numerous awards won and thrilled customers enjoying their investment in QED cables and products. QED’s commitment to outstanding service is reinforced by their carefully selected authorised QED retailers, as well as by the lifetime warranty given with all QED cables.

Occasionally, an unauthorised dealer manages to obtain QED products and offers these for sale to unsuspecting customers. QED try to prevent this from happening through their selective distribution, only supplying authorised retailers and distributors worldwide.

QED continually strive to improve their products and a lot of research and development goes into raising quality and performance. You can rest assured that your QED dealer will offer you the latest version and best solution for your needs.

Benefits of buying from an authorised dealer:

  1. you are investing in authentic and genuine QED products,
  2. latest version QED products (unless otherwise stated),
  3. expert and competent installation such as QED Airloc cable termination to achieve best performance,
  4. honest and expert advice,
  5. excellent back-up service,
  6. genuine lifetime warranty.

When an unauthorised dealer sells a QED product, they are misrepresenting the QED brand and falsely designating the QED relationship with them. This adversely affects the QED brand name and negatively impacts you in the following ways:

  1. dubious authenticity,
  2. potentially old stock and older versions supplied,
  3. lack of tools and training as well as questionable expertise, e.g. terminating QED cables,
  4. dishonest representation of products,
  5. poor or non-existent after-sales service,
  6. warranty issues.

Certainly, buying from unauthorised dealers affects your consumer rights so it’s advisable that you see the QED website to check if your dealer is authorised to sell QED products.

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We are proud to be listed as an authorised QED retailer – Compass Audio UK is based in Glasgow, Scotland.